Kansas Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Kansas state sales tax rate is 6.5%. However, like many other states Kansas also allows local cities and municipalities to charge additional sales tax. You can find a PDF of their rates (up to date as of April 1, 2019) here. To skip the PDF and the math you can use our sales tax calculator to get accurate, up to date state and local rates.

Economic Nexus?

The short answer is no; there is no state or local sales tax on out of state businesses selling to Kansas residents. Interestingly, a bill was put into motion earlier this year to tax out of state sellers, but the governor vetoed it and prevented the bill from becoming a law. In Governor Kelly’s address, she did not mention economic nexus as one of the reasons. Instead, she cited other financial problems she had with the bill. read more

Iowa Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

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The Iowa state sales tax rate is 6% across all of Iowa. However, like many states, there are local rates to be aware of too. You can use our sales tax calculator to find out what rate to charge for anywhere in Iowa.

Economic Nexus?

Yes, just like over thirty other states, Iowa jumped on the chance to increase their revenue from out of state businesses selling in Iowa.
The threshold is $100,000/year in gross revenue OR 200, or more, separate transactions. This counts for the previous or current calendar year.
This law went into effect on January 1, 2019. read more

Sales Tax Tools – Resources to Help You With Compliance

Sales tax can be difficult and without the right tools almost impossible. At EcomTax we understand and have released several free (no registration or email even required) sales tax tools to help with your all around compliance.

Sales Tax Tool #1 – State Tax Calculator

Our state sales tax calculator, found here is a quick way to find state and local tax rates. Simply type in the zip code, and the current rates for that specific location will pop up.

In addition to percentage rates, there is a calculate sales tax option. With this, you can see exactly how much tax to charge and how much of goes to the state, county, and/or local municipality. read more

Indiana State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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The Indiana state sales tax calculator (provided by EcomTax) can be found here.

Indiana’s over all sales tax rate is an even 7%. As of now, there are no city or county taxing jurisdictions.

Economic Nexus?

Yes. The law went into effect October 1, 2018. If your business makes more than 100,000 dollars in sales or you have 200 or more separate transactions into Indiana, then you have to remit sales tax. However, like most states this is not retroactive and you aren’t responsible for your previous collections. Indiana is a state that includes actual products shipped AND the electronic transfers. read more

So Amazon collects sales tax for me?

Amazon collects sales tax on most of the items sold directly by their company, and now they are starting to collect taxes on items sold by third party sellers. This means you don’t need to remit sales tax in certain states- places like Amazon and eBay are doing it for you!

In this guide we’ll run down the major points, address common questions and help you change your settings, so Amazon collects the sales tax instead of you.

Where Amazon Collects Sales Tax for their products

Currently, here are all of the places Amazon collects sales tax for their own items:
read more

Illinois State Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Illinois state sales tax rate is 6.25%. However, always remember that is the state rate. It does not include any local jurisdictions and can be as high as 11% in some places in Illinois.

Illinois does make it a bit easier with the rate look up tool you can find directly on their website.

Illinois State Sales Tax Due Dates

The 20th of the every month is when the taxes are due for Illinois for monthly remittance. When you apply for a tax ID number in IL, they notify you about your frequency of filing requirements. Also, as you begin selling in the state, they’ll also notify you depending on your average sales if your filing requirements change. read more

African-American Accountants

Black History Month Series

In honor of black history month, I am combining my love of numbers with my love of history to bring you biographies of African-American CPAs. As pioneers in their field, it wasn’t all about numbers. These men and women helped to bring more opportunities to African American communities and more value to the education African-Americans had access to.

First up on our list of biographies is John Cromwell.

Early Life

John Cromwell Jr. was born in Washington DC in 1883. His family was significantly established in the DC area. John Cromwell Sr. practiced as an attorney and teacher, and he held the title of chief examiner for the United States Postal Service. Also, his sister graduated from Yale University with a Ph.D. John Cromwell Jr continued the family tradition of higher education,  studying at Dartmouth University. “He graduated from Dartmouth as the best student in science in the class of 1906.” (nabainc.org) read more

Idaho State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide For Businesses

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Idaho state sales tax rate is 6%. However, like many other states, there are several city and local jurisdictions that could have their own tax rates added on.

Economic Nexus?

No. Technically Idaho doesn’t have economic nexus, so sales alone won’t trigger sales tax obligations in the state. However, their click-through nexus laws are worth noting because of the lower than average threshold. Instead of $100,000 or even $250,000, the Idaho requirement is a comparatively low 10,000.

Though, the requirements aren’t as bad as they first seem. In addition to the amount requirement, there is a connection requirement. A business has to be connected to an Idaho-based seller. This could be anything as simple as a link to your store on the Idaho seller’s website, or something more obvious, such as them installing materials on your behalf. read more

Hawaii State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Hawaii state sales tax actually does not exist. Instead Hawaii has something they refer to as a GET, or a general excise tax. Sales taxes are all about collecting money and taxes from the consumer. Excise taxes are about taxing the actual business entity. However, businesses can pass on the GET to the customers, charging them just like most states have businesses charge sales tax.

Economic Nexus?

Hawaii’s economic nexus law applies if you sell more than 100,000 dollars worth of merchandise or if you have more than 200 separate transactions. Both the transaction and the amount limit have to happen in the previous calendar year. The bill is not retroactive and came into effect July 1, 2018. Like many states, Hawaii did not waste anytime after the Wayfair decision. read more

Georgia State Sales Tax- A Brief Guide For Businesses

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The Georgia State Sales tax rate is 4%. However, like just about every other state, there are local tax rates that can vary significantly. Georgia’s sales tax and use chart is a useful guide for individual jurisdictions. To skip the chart and get the rate, you can use our sales tax calculator.

The phone number to talk to a representative about your sales tax questions is 877-423-6711.

Economic Nexus?

Add another one to your list, remote sellers. Recently Georgia became yet another state with active Wayfair like Economic Nexus laws. The threshold is 250,000 dollars in gross revenue or 200 transactions. Keep in mind some states have ‘and’ clauses, some states have ‘or’. Georgia is an ‘and’ state so just the 250,000 dollars in sales won’t trigger nexus, you have to have the transaction amount too. The law became effective on January 1, 2019. read more