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Arkansas State Sales Taxes can be complicated, but contacting Arkansas with your questions doesn’t have to be. For your sales tax questions, dial 501-682-7104. A human picks up, without any automated messages.

Economic Nexus?

No economic nexus in Arkansas. However, they do have something called affiliate and click through nexus. Repairs, installations, and links on websites made by Arkansas residents can trigger it. The residents just must be working under the same company, using company vehicles for the installation, or simply have an agreement to refer customers to the out of state business. If those references, including website links, make the out of state company more than $10,000 that company must remit Arkansas state sales tax. Click here for more information.

Arkansas Sales Tax Due Dates:

Arkansas Sales Tax Due Dates

The state has not posted 2019
sales tax due dates. As soon as they do, we will update this post to reflect those changes. You can find the 2018 dates here.

Arkansas State Sales Tax Holiday?

During the first weekend of August every year, Arkansas provides a tax holiday. With some limitations, clothing, accessories, and school supplies are temporarily tax-free. Items placed on layaway are also included, as long as they are paid off and picked up during that first weekend in August.

Amazon Center?

In late 2018, Amazon opened a center in North Little Rock. With an 18 month lease, the site is only temporary, but city officials hope they’ll make the stay permanent.

Weirdest Tax Laws

Like many states, Arkansas state sales tax rates for groceries and candy differ. Food items are taxed at a rate of 1.5%. The state rate for non-food items is 6.5%. At a glance, this makes sense and seems straight forward, but when you start to define what makes something a ‘grocery’ item, things can get pretty complicated. For instance:

-Kit-Kats are grocery items but M&M’s are candy
-Yoo-hoo is grocery, while Pedialyte isn’t.
-Semi-sweet chocolate chips didn’t make the grocery cut, but ice-cream sandwiches did.

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