Sales Tax Tools – Resources to Help You With Compliance

Sales tax can be difficult and without the right tools almost impossible. At EcomTax we understand and have released several free (no registration or email even required) sales tax tools to help with your all around compliance.

Sales Tax Tool #1 – State Tax Calculator

Our state sales tax calculator, found here is a quick way to find state and local tax rates. Simply type in the zip code, and the current rates for that specific location will pop up.

In addition to percentage rates, there is a calculate sales tax option. With this, you can see exactly how much tax to charge and how much of goes to the state, county, and/or local municipality. read more

So Amazon collects sales tax for me?

Amazon collects sales tax on most of the items sold directly by their company, and now they are starting to collect taxes on items sold by third party sellers. This means you don’t need to remit sales tax in certain states- places like Amazon and eBay are doing it for you!

In this guide we’ll run down the major points, address common questions and help you change your settings, so Amazon collects the sales tax instead of you.

Where Amazon Collects Sales Tax for their products

Currently, here are all of the places Amazon collects sales tax for their own items:
read more

eCommerce Tax Deductions

How to get the most out of filing with the IRS

eCommerce tax deductions process can be a bit more complicated than their physical location counterparts. That doesn’t mean you should miss a single deduction.

The Internet

Generally, you can deduct almost all internet related expenses. This includes the things that are direct to your business, like domain and website hosting services and also things like consulting a webmaster and paying someone to build or maintain your website.

As an eCommerce business, you can sometimes even deduct your home internet services. However, you can’t deduct 100% of the bill unless you can prove the service is only used for work. Still, if you can prove on paper that you use a percentage it for work, you can claim that percentage. read more