Kansas Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Kansas state sales tax rate is 6.5%. However, like many other states Kansas also allows local cities and municipalities to charge additional sales tax. You can find a PDF of their rates (up to date as of April 1, 2019) here. To skip the PDF and the math you can use our sales tax calculator to get accurate, up to date state and local rates.

Economic Nexus?

The short answer is no; there is no state or local sales tax on out of state businesses selling to Kansas residents. Interestingly, a bill was put into motion earlier this year to tax out of state sellers, but the governor vetoed it and prevented the bill from becoming a law. In Governor Kelly’s address, she did not mention economic nexus as one of the reasons. Instead, she cited other financial problems she had with the bill. read more

Iowa Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

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The Iowa state sales tax rate is 6% across all of Iowa. However, like many states, there are local rates to be aware of too. You can use our sales tax calculator to find out what rate to charge for anywhere in Iowa.

Economic Nexus?

Yes, just like over thirty other states, Iowa jumped on the chance to increase their revenue from out of state businesses selling in Iowa.
The threshold is $100,000/year in gross revenue OR 200, or more, separate transactions. This counts for the previous or current calendar year.
This law went into effect on January 1, 2019. read more

Indiana State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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The Indiana state sales tax calculator (provided by EcomTax) can be found here.

Indiana’s over all sales tax rate is an even 7%. As of now, there are no city or county taxing jurisdictions.

Economic Nexus?

Yes. The law went into effect October 1, 2018. If your business makes more than 100,000 dollars in sales or you have 200 or more separate transactions into Indiana, then you have to remit sales tax. However, like most states this is not retroactive and you aren’t responsible for your previous collections. Indiana is a state that includes actual products shipped AND the electronic transfers. read more

Idaho State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide For Businesses

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Idaho state sales tax rate is 6%. However, like many other states, there are several city and local jurisdictions that could have their own tax rates added on.

Economic Nexus?

No. Technically Idaho doesn’t have economic nexus, so sales alone won’t trigger sales tax obligations in the state. However, their click-through nexus laws are worth noting because of the lower than average threshold. Instead of $100,000 or even $250,000, the Idaho requirement is a comparatively low 10,000.

Though, the requirements aren’t as bad as they first seem. In addition to the amount requirement, there is a connection requirement. A business has to be connected to an Idaho-based seller. This could be anything as simple as a link to your store on the Idaho seller’s website, or something more obvious, such as them installing materials on your behalf. read more

Pennsylvania Craft Beer Tax

Starting in July crafts will cost more at Pennsylvanian breweries

The Pennsylvania craft beer tax, beginning July 2019, means next time you go to your favorite brewery, bring change. According to the official bulletin, the craft tax is not new. The Department of Revenue points out it is simply officially reminding tap rooms they are subject to it as well. The old/new rule is frustrating consumers and brewers alike.

Clearing up the confusion

In a six page bulletin the Pennsylvania DOR sums it up as:

“In essence, manufacturers can now act as a traditional retailer when selling their products to the public for on-premises consumption, and distributors when selling their products to the public for off-premises consumption.” read more

Delaware State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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State Sales Tax Rates:

The Delaware state sales tax is actually 0%. It is one of only five states in the union that does not require sales tax. Alaska is also included on that list. However, Delaware does have something really similar to sales tax, a gross receipts tax. This tax is on the gross revenues of a business, and like sales tax it varies depending on the business activity.

However, these taxes are much lower than a typical sales tax, only ranging from .0945% to .7468%.

The state has no official economic nexus laws but has stated it views internet sellers the same as storefront sellers. They are all expected to remit gross receipt taxes. You can find more about their expectations here. Also, you can call 302-752-3760 specifically for internet tax questions. read more

Connecticut State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Connecticut State Sales Tax Rate: 6.35% (Not including local rates)
Phone number to the CT Department of Revenue Services:
860-297-5962. There is an automated service

Economic Nexus?

Yes, but with added stipulations.

Threshold: $250,00 sales or more
200 transactions

Also required is solicitation of sales, that can be anything from an email blast, to mailed newsletters or catalogs. Almost anything that involves a business intentionally contacting a customer to get sales

Effective: December 1, 2018

Connecticut State Sales Tax Due Dates:

When a business registers in Connecticut, they are set up to file either monthly or quarterly. If a business sells less than $1,000 in the prior 12 months, they are automatically switched to a yearly filing status. Conversely, if a business makes more than $4,000 in 12 months, the business is switched to monthly due dates. read more

Colorado State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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Colorado State Sales Tax Rate: 2.9%
For local rates, Colorado publishes a Colorado sales/use tax rate guide. This document is updated January 1 and July 1 every year.

Want to talk to a person? Call 303-238-7378

Economic Nexus?

Yes. Sellers be aware. December 1, 2018, Colorado’s economic nexus law went into effect. Though they are providing a grace period through May 31, 2019. Their goal is to give sellers plenty of time to make the required system changes

Colorado State Sales Tax Due Dates

Though the Wayfair decision complicated taxes for a lot of eCommerce sellers, Colorado’s tax due dates are very straight forward. Everything is due on the twentieth. Monthly remittance is due on the 20th of every month. Quarterly remittance is due on the 20th in April, July, October, and January. For sellers that bring in less than $300.00 in taxes, Colorado offers a yearly due date of January 20, of the following year. read more

California State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

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California State Sales Tax Rate: 7.25%
Phone number for sales tax questions in California: 1-800-400-7115

Economic Nexus?

Not yet, but it’s coming. California’s economic nexus law will be effective on April 1, 2019.

State Sales Tax Due Dates

While the monthly California state sales tax returns are due on the last day of the following month, California also lists the regular due dates for the quarterly and yearly returns.
Quarterly returns are due April 30, July 31, October 31, and January 31. The yearly reports are also due on the last day of January. read more

Arkansas State Sales Tax

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Arkansas State Sales Taxes can be complicated, but contacting Arkansas with your questions doesn’t have to be. For your sales tax questions, dial 501-682-7104. A human picks up, without any automated messages.

Economic Nexus?

No economic nexus in Arkansas. However, they do have something called affiliate and click through nexus. Repairs, installations, and links on websites made by Arkansas residents can trigger it. The residents just must be working under the same company, using company vehicles for the installation, or simply have an agreement to refer customers to the out of state business. If those references, including website links, make the out of state company more than $10,000 that company must remit Arkansas state sales tax. Click here for more information. read more