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Florida State Sales Tax rate is 6.0% at the state level. However, with all of the local tax jurisdictions it can be as high as 8.5%

Economic Nexus?

No. As of right now, eCommerce sellers can rest easy for Florida sales.  They do not have any laws on the books matching the South Dakota/Wayfair tax decision. However, that doesn’t mean with more time Florida won’t adopt one. It seems every month another state is adding themselves to the list. In the mean time, keep checking back with us and we will let you know as soon as any of that changes.

Florida State Sales Tax Due Dates

Florida State Sales Tax Due Dates

Like most states, Florida has a quarterly, monthly, and annually. However, they also have a semi-annual filing date.  The monthly due dates are almost all on the 20th of the month. The only one that isn’t on the twentieth is on October 21st.

The annual and quarterly are both on 20ths as well. Florida is making it easy on those that have to remit in the state.

The yearly due date is on January 20th. Quarter one is due April 20th. The second quarter is due July 20th. Third quarter due date is October 20th. Finally, the fourth quarter is due January 20th of the next year.

For the semi-annual filing they kept the theme. Its July 20th and then January 20th. I know sales tax can be complicated to collect and file so I have to give credit to Florida, they made the due dates easy to keep track of.

Sales Tax Holiday?

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Last year it was the first weekend in August. Lasting from Friday the 3rd to Sunday the 5th.  It was for general school supplies, as long as they were 15 dollars or less and on clothing. However, the clothing had a limit of $60.00. Included in the clothing tax free list was accessories and footwear. Again, just keep in mind, most states that have these holidays also have price caps. Above a certain amount? They’re taxed as if it was a regular day.

Amazon Fulfillment center?

Yes. As of now they have over 5 fulfillment centers, so you can breathe easy. Though the legislature is in session starting march 2019, that very well may change as soon as they begin for the 2019 year.

Weirdest Tax Law:

Florida State Sales Tax Loophole

Rent a cow, save on taxes? Developers save on taxes out the wazoo in Florida but simply putting a few cows on the property. Known as the green belt law, it was meant to preserve farm land and save farmers a few dollars in their property taxes.

Other states have this law but Florida seems to have a bit more of a grey area. In order to qualify, the land owner just must use it for ‘bona fide’ agricultural purposes. The problem is no one is clear on the definition. Many big companies, including Disney World, have been saving over a million dollars.  They are either leasing the land for free or even paying farmers, hence the phrase ‘rent-a-cow’.

We’re making our way though all fifty states. Check out our State Spotlight category to see all that we’ve done so far.

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