Idaho State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide For Businesses

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Idaho state sales tax rate is 6%. However, like many other states, there are several city and local jurisdictions that could have their own tax rates added on.

Economic Nexus?

No. Technically Idaho doesn’t have economic nexus, so sales alone won’t trigger sales tax obligations in the state. However, their click-through nexus laws are worth noting because of the lower than average threshold. Instead of $100,000 or even $250,000, the Idaho requirement is a comparatively low 10,000.

Though, the requirements aren’t as bad as they first seem. In addition to the amount requirement, there is a connection requirement. A business has to be connected to an Idaho-based seller. This could be anything as simple as a link to your store on the Idaho seller’s website, or something more obvious, such as them installing materials on your behalf.

The law came into effect July 1, 2018.

Idaho State Sales Tax Due Dates:

Idaho state sales tax due dates

Like many other states, Idaho is helping make things easy: the sales taxes are due on the 20th of the following month.

Here is a great resource from the Idaho Department of Taxation. It includes all of the 2019 tax due dates. When they announce the 2020 dates we’ll add those too!

Sales Tax Holiday?

Sorry folks, to date Idaho has no sales tax holidays.

Amazon Fulfillment Center?

No. There is currently no amazon fulfillment center in Idaho. e-Commerce sellers can rest easy for now. No warehouse means no nexus triggered through inventory. If any of this changes we we will let you know!

Useful links:

Temporary Sellers Permit Information– if you are an out of state business this may be a good option for you. It is made for those traveling into the state short term. This includes anything from craft fairs to conventions. As always thoroughly look into all tax classifications and regulations to see what fits your specific situation the best.

Index of Idaho’s most common tax forms

Business Basics Hub– collection of general facts, questions and forms that Idaho state sales tax collecting businesses need and have

We’re making our way though all fifty states. Check out our State Spotlight category to see all that we’ve done so far.

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