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Kansas state sales tax rate is 6.5%. However, like many other states Kansas also allows local cities and municipalities to charge additional sales tax. You can find a PDF of their rates (up to date as of April 1, 2019) here. To skip the PDF and the math you can use our sales tax calculator to get accurate, up to date state and local rates.

Economic Nexus?

The short answer is no; there is no state or local sales tax on out of state businesses selling to Kansas residents. Interestingly, a bill was put into motion earlier this year to tax out of state sellers, but the governor vetoed it and prevented the bill from becoming a law. In Governor Kelly’s address, she did not mention economic nexus as one of the reasons. Instead, she cited other financial problems she had with the bill.

As of yet, there is no new bill addressing economic nexus in the state of Kansas. If this changes we will keep you posted.

Still, those with physical presence of some kind in Kansas have sales tax requirements. Kansas defines physical presence widely. You can meet these requirements by attending craft shows, having an employee who resides in Kansas, or even housing goods in a warehouse. (Kansas Amazon Fulfillment center information for listed below).

Kansas State Sales Tax Due Dates

Like many states, Kansas has regular filing dates, broken up by the amount of tax liability a business has in a calendar year.

  • Less than $400 means your taxes are typically due annually on/before January 24th of the following year
  • Over $400, but less than $4,000? Taxes are due quarterly. On the 25th of April, July, October, and January.
  • For sales over $4,000 but under $40,000 taxes are due monthly, by the 25th.
  • Finally, anything over $40,000 and have to prepay your taxes. The first 15 days is due on or before the 25th of that month, not the following.

Amazon Fulfillment Centers:

Keep in mind that Amazon has several warehouses in Kansas. If your inventory is moved to a Kansas warehouse, you trigger tax obligations. Kansas has several throughout the state, so that’s something to keep in mind. Here is how to check where your inventory is and here is a list of all of the centers located in the state of Kansas.

Kansas State Sales Tax Holiday?

While several states do have some sort of sales tax break for emergency or back to school items, Kansas currently has none scheduled for 2019 or beyond.

Helpful Links

While we strive to provide helpful and insightful information on every state we highlight, sales tax is a complicated issue and we recognize no one blog post can answer all of your questions, or solve all of your filing headaches. For ease of reference we’ve included some of the more popular links from the Kansas Department of Revenue’s website.

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Weirdest Kansas State Sales Tax Law:

Similar to other states, Kansas charges an amusement tax on certain activities. Going to a park or event, for example, includes sales tax. However, like the conversation with taxation on food, the conversation on what is amusement and what is not can end up splitting a few hairs.

According to Kansas state sales tax laws, riding a a tethered hot air balloon is considered an amusement and taxed as one. However, if the hot air balloon is not tethered it is considered transportation, even if you only go a few feet. Sounds strange but I’d imagine the view over Kansas’ rolling plains is much better than the view from a taxi.

We’re making our way though all fifty states. Check out our State Spotlight category to see all that we’ve done so far.

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