The Shutdown

Will the 2019 Government Shutdown Affect my Tax Return?

UPDATE: The IRS confirmed it WILL process tax returns during the government shutdown.

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The short answer is maybe. The long answer is more complicated.

As of January 7, we are on day seventeen of the 2019 government shutdown.  Currently, less than 10,000 of the almost 80,000 IRS employees are still going to work. These employees are showing up without pay, and without the ability to take any leave. They are maintaining security, processing disaster relief information, and preventing data loss.
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Alabama State Sales Tax- A Quick Guide for Businesses

The State Spotlight Series

The Alabama state sales tax rate for personal property is 4.0%. This includes all food items, even groceries that most states either tax at a lower rate or don’t tax at all.

Keep in mind, local jurisdictions have their own rates. Cities and counties can add on their own taxes, upping the rate you need to collect.

If you know the address, but not any other information you can use EcomTax’s rate look up tool.

Bypass the machine. To talk to a person, call 334-242-1170 and press 3 for an Alabama state sales tax representative. Then follow the prompts. read more

Wayfair Supreme Court Decision

Economic Nexus At A Glance

What Happened:

To understand the Wayfair Supreme Court decision, we first have to go back 26 years. In 1992, the Supreme Court heard a case between a company known as Quill and the state of North Dakota. North Dakota wanted Quill, a company with no direct ties to ND, to remit sales tax. The supreme court decided since Quill had customers but no offices there, it didn’t have to collect sales tax. No presence, no tax.

In 2018, South Dakota set out to challenge this ruling. The state pointed out the ruling did not factor in internet retailers. In South Dakota’s view, Quill was obsolete. It simply wasn’t the same world. Additionally, South Dakota claimed with Quill in place the explosion of online purchases caused a massive loss of state revenue. read more

Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Bureaucracy

The Start

Bitcoin garnered a lot of attention very fast during a 2013 court case. A man named Ross Ulbricht was on trial for creating and running an illegal online marketplace. Silk Road and other websites like it require a specific browser to use. None of the ones that come pre-installed (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari) will get you there.

After downloading the correct browser, you need the web address. Dark web URLs aren’t as easy to type in as These sites are usually a complex mixture of random letters and numbers. Typically, someone has to share the website with you to give you access. Further still, password protection exists on much of the dark web. read more

State Sales Tax Help

Sales Tax: How it works and how we work for you

There are almost 10,000 sales tax jurisdictions in the United States. Each with their own set of definitions for what is and isn’t taxable. It is almost a full-time job keeping up with all of the nuances of the sales tax world before you even think about throwing income tax in the mix.

Worse, if you run your own business it’s a job that doesn’t get you paid. Time invested in navigating sales taxes usually produces a hassle, not a profit.

Which is why the right state sales tax help and knowledge is so important read more