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Sales tax can be difficult and without the right tools almost impossible. At EcomTax we understand and have released several free (no registration or email even required) sales tax tools to help with your all around compliance.

Sales Tax Tool #1 – State Tax Calculator

Our state sales tax calculator, found here is a quick way to find state and local tax rates. Simply type in the zip code, and the current rates for that specific location will pop up.

In addition to percentage rates, there is a calculate sales tax option. With this, you can see exactly how much tax to charge and how much of goes to the state, county, and/or local municipality.

For the most accurate rate possible, we recommend including a ZIP+4 (the zip code + the four extra digits that tell a little more about the location. If you don’t know the ZIP extension, the United States Postal Service has a zip code look up tool to help you find those last four digits.

Sales Tax Tool #2 – Amazon Fulfillment Map

Amazon and sales tax image

Whether it is your full time job, or you are selling on Amazon for a side gig, where your inventory is matters. Amazon moves inventory around all the time, often without notifying sellers. This movement can trigger sales tax nexus because of inventory presence, without you even knowing. This is why it’s important to know where the Amazon warehouse locations are and if your products are stored there.

We have a fulfillment center map, regularly updated to keep up with the fast growing Amazon. You can view every location in the country at once, or search it state by state. Also, it copies and pastes very well into a spread sheet if you want to save the information to your hard drive.

To find out where your products are via Amazon, you can follow a few simple steps:

  1. Log into Amazon seller central and hover your mouse over the reports tab.
Sales Tax Tool- FBA inventory tracking how to 1

2. When the drop down box appears, select fulfillment.
3. Go to the left side menu and click show more under the inventory option, and find and select ‘Inventory event detail’.
4. This will bring you to the view or download page. If you select download, you can import the file into a spread sheet.

amazon economic nexus how to screen shot

5. You can copy the warehouse code and use it to search our index of Amazon Fulfillment Centers. (For quick finds, you can hit Ctrl+F on Windows or ⌘+F on Mac and paste the warehouse code. That will scan the whole document and highlight the matching warehouse.)

Note: for our subscribers, there’s no need to download a form and do the leg work yourself: we notify you if inventory movement triggers nexus. This, along with our automated inventory updates, are a few free tools we offer to those using our sales tax software. (The free version of our program includes these services as well)

Sales Tax Tool #3 Nexus Detection

Screen shot of nexus detection sales tax tool

Unfortunately, with the Wayfair decision rolling out last year, presence isn’t the only way to trigger nexus. You can trigger sales tax requirements by simply just making over a certain amount of sales in each state.

If you are curious where your Amazon sales stand in regards to the new sales tax regulations, you can upload your Daily Inventory History Report right to our website. The EcomTax Nexus Detection system will analyze it and immediately detect if you have nexus or not.

Simplify Compliance

sales tax calculator

While sales tax tools are a great way to help you become and remain compliant, they are only a small part of a much larger puzzle.

If you need any help along the way, or have questions about how our software can help simplify your sales tax needs, please reach out to us, using our contact us form.

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Please note: this blog is for informational purposes and should not to be considered, or used in place of, professional advice for your specific situation.

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