Colorado State Sales Tax – A Quick Guide for Businesses

The State Spotlight Series – CO

Colorado State Sales Tax Rate: 2.9%
For local rates, Colorado publishes a Colorado sales/use tax rate guide. This document is updated January 1 and July 1 every year.

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Economic Nexus?

Yes. Sellers be aware. December 1, 2018, Colorado’s economic nexus law went into effect. Though they are providing a grace period through May 31, 2019. Their goal is to give sellers plenty of time to make the required system changes

Colorado State Sales Tax Due Dates

Though the Wayfair decision complicated taxes for a lot of eCommerce sellers, Colorado’s tax due dates are very straight forward. Everything is due on the twentieth. Monthly remittance is due on the 20th of every month. Quarterly remittance is due on the 20th in April, July, October, and January. For sellers that bring in less than $300.00 in taxes, Colorado offers a yearly due date of January 20, of the following year. read more